Financial Accessibility Policy


With more of the same we just get more of the same.

Quite frankly, I am sick of getting more of the same.

Aren't you?


I don't want money to be the reason you can not access the support you want or need to get your business growing.


The online business industry is notorious for many things, pricing people out of the market being one of them.

Whilst I understand the difficulties of (and have personally struggled with) understanding the value you deliver and having the confidence to charge your worth as a small business owner/freelancer, I do not believe a one-size fits all approach can work for anything in today's world. 


Service Pricing Options

The service prices listed on my website are based on what I think is a fair compensation for my experience, qualifications, training and work for someone who has a regular disposable income and/or a sustainable business in a country which has a good exchange rate with the £GBP.

If you do not feel like that describes you please email; [email protected] and we can negotiate a price that works for you. Please do not feel bad for asking for a price drop, I am offering it to you. Please also bear in mind that this offer, as with all of the services I offer, are subject to my availability to actually take on and carry out any work. 


 Product Pricing Options

On some of my products (those which are largely self-study e.g. digital courses and downloads) you will also see a "Lower Income" pricing option. If you choose this payment option you get the same product as described on that web page at the general pricing option, just for the lower price at checkout. This is a self-selection process, if you think  "Lower Income" is a description applies to you, then please simply use this pricing option when you buy a product from me. There will be no questions asked. 


If you choose either of these options, or work with me in any other form, the details of your financial transaction will always remain confidential.


 Grant Applications

Since the world changed in 2020, in some parts of the world, there has been a surge in grant avaliablity to support businesses to move online. I am not an expert in grant writing by any means but do believe grants can be an excellent way to fund starting and growing a business. I am also very aware that most UK grant applicants and recipients are not small businesses, and are not female owned or led businesses, and are not BIOPC owned or led businesses. I'd like to do anything I can to change this. 

If you are considering applying for a grant to create an online course or workshop (or anything else in my wheelhouse) and would like to use some of the grant money to access my services or products feel free to contact me to ask for anything that you need to support you in writing your grant application e.g. quotes for services. 

Email me: [email protected]



After years of worrying about my pricing being far from inclusive (and several not so successful attempts to remedy that) I came to the decisions behind this policy by learning from and listening to Kalkidan Legesse Mekuria  and Amie NcNee.  Thank you both for your leadership.


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