Hey! Let me introduce myself…


I’m Claire a digital education specialist, teacher and writer from Devon in England.


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I support entrepreneurs and small business owners in turning their expertise and stories into books and digital education products.


And now?

Now I’m going to help you get your knowledge out into the world.


Why am I for you?

Because you’re a (naturally humble) business rock star who has a message to share. But writing your book/creating your online course seems like a mammoth task and more than a little bit daunting right now.

Because you want to finally get that book written or course created and your knowledge out into the world, driving customers to your business.

Because you don’t have time to learn the ins and outs of writing a book or designing a course (or both) right now. You can picture the end result but want to be guided through the process. And maybe you also need someone to hold you accountable and keep you on track whilst you create.


And me?

That’s exactly what I do.

I give you the steps and structure to create the end result (books and digital courses) you dream of.

The best part: I have done all of these things within my own business, so I understand the perspective you are coming from and the importance of fitting these key pieces strategically into your current business.

To put it bluntly, there is no point in going ahead with your course or book right now if you haven’t worked out how it, or they, are align with your longer-term goals. Strategy is where it has to start.

Need help figuring any of this out?

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Want to know more about me?


Here are some of the basics:

- My work style focuses on you - your story, your business and how it all fits together.

- I've designed and built 80+ online courses for various clients, stakeholders and for my own businesses (check out some testimonials here).

- I'm confident with a wide range of tech. My business is built on Kajabi, but I work with customers who use a wide range of platforms and delivery methods. 

- I have a Masters in Digital Education from Edinburgh University (and a ton of other qualifications which you can read about here).

- I've worked in education for over a decade including as a Science Teacher, an English Teacher, a Learning Technologist and in Academic Management.

- Writing brings me joy most of the time (some days I hate it)


And here are some Claire facts for you:


I am obsessed with books. I hoard books. My shelves are brimming. There is a pile of books next to my bed so big that one day it will topple over and crush me (I’m not entirely adverse to that as a way to go -  which probably tells you a lot about me). As I write this, I currently have 6 books on the go. Reading them that is. I am usually reading a mix of fiction and non-fiction, in different genres, across my Kindle, audiobooks and good old-fashioned books that you can hold in your hands at the same time. I’d love to hear about any book recommendations you have; connect with me on Instagram and GoodReads.


I’m ridiculously accident prone - I’ve fallen in two different sewers in my life. Cracking some ribs one time and ruining my knee the other time. I was sober both times, I just didn’t see them. Once I managed to drop my phone into a glass of water without knocking it over. It killed the phone, but nothing spilt out of the glass. Couldn’t have managed that if I’d been trying. Yes, I know! I told you – ridiculously accident prone! Makes for good stories though.


Originally, this business was focused on English Language Teaching + business development and digital education solutions within that industry (hence the company name: The ELT Skills Academy). This was the sensible choice when I started out as an entrepreneur; my last job working for someone else was pretty similar. When 2020 rolled around I finally decided to switch things up and turn what I actually loved doing (writing, learning and helping people to see the strategy and structure in their dreams) into the focus of my business. After returning to the drawing board and a massive brand overhaul, here we are! Happy dance!


I am obsessed with rum. Dark rum. “Try all of the rums in the world” is written on my bucket list. My MySpace (yes, I am that old) was “whereisalltherum” and my first Instagram handle was @rummyclaire. My current rum collection is 21 bottles strong, which is quite small, 2020 has taken a toll on it. Don’t mind me, I’m just over here, Hemmingway-ing my way through life.


I can’t not swear. Just can’t not do it. So, if that is likely to offend you, us working together isn’t a good idea.


“Are you still studying?” is a question I get from people I haven’t seen for a while, often in a disbelieving (sometimes judgemental) tone. The answer is pretty much always yes. I've recently finished my Masters in Digital Education. Previously I’ve studied and trained in education, English language teaching, law, environmental science, project management, social media management, web design, neurolinguistic programming, coaching and oh so many other things. I know I am extremely fortunate to have had all of these opportunities, but also believe that as humans we should never stop learning, ever. There are always going to be new things out there for you, if you want them. Want to check out my credentials? Head over to LinkedIn.


I plan to always be the crazy, mysterious member of the family who never has kids, travels a lot and seems to have a suspicious amount of money. I would genuinely try this except for the fact that geese are terrifying! Love the outfit though.


I wouldn’t be writing about writing right now (quite the mouthful there, sorry) if it wasn’t for Ruby Lee believing in me and supporting me through the dramatic shifts that 2020 brought to my business. Forever grateful for your support and guidance and so excited to see your book out in the world xxx


I am working on writing my own fiction book at the moment. I (try to) write every day. I have started countless projects. Completed a few of them. But all of which remain saved on my computer and mostly that is where they have stayed. I know exactly how the fear of putting yourself out there as a writer feels, because I’m deep in that feeling right now. But one day very soon I will be writing an updated version of this part. Watch this space!


I believe that everyone has something worth sharing with the world. I believe that books (in whatever form) have the power to reach people and change lives, and that the knowledge business industry is an extension of this. There is a huge amount that I dislike about modern technology, but there is no denying the power it gives us. Over time technology enables more and more people to wield that power as individuals. Use that to your own advantage.

Create and get that message out there.

Claire xxx

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