About Page Copywriting 

Want an About Page that makes you and your business shine, whilst speaking directly to your ideal customers?

Book your About Page Writing Service with Claire. Designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for an About Page that functions a strategic part of their website.

Book Your About Page Writing Service Session for £450

Make your About Page work for you and your business. 


It is difficult to write about yourself well, but your About Page is one of the best places for your future customers to start to get to know you. Don't waste this valuable online space with copywriting that isn't making you and your business standout to the customers you want to attract.

Sometimes you just need to let somebody else write it for you

That’s why I offer this simple About Page Copywriting Service. You’ll be amazed at just how much difference a 1-hour chat, an outside perspective and some expert writing skills can make to this pivotal part of your online business presence


Have your owns words and ideas turned into an About Page that fits with your growing business now and into the future.


These sessions are for you if...

...you have tried and struggled to write the copy for your About Page.

...you don't know what details to include and what to leave off of your About Page. Sometimes everything seems relevant and sometimes nothing does. 

…you look at other people's About Pages and see how they can be used to sell without being sleazy but writing like that is way out of your comfort zone.

...you have no clear picture of the tone of voice to use when writing to your potential customers, or what exactly to say to them about yourself. 

...you just don't enjoy writing, or writing about yourself, and want to pay a professional to do this bit for you.


Improving your About Page as a strategic part of your business is something worth investing in.

Book Your About Page Writing Service Session for £450

Alexis Fraser

Esthetician and Founder of The House of Skincare Ltd.

"I love how Claire absorbed every detail of my personality and what I discussed with her via our virtual meeting. She was professional, efficient and the end result [About Page Copywriting] was even better than expected and I would highly recommend!"

How It Works

1. Book and pay for your About Page Writing Service using the link on this page, choose your own 1-hour interview time slot from the availability on the scheduling page.

2. Complete the form when asked to during your booking. I will read this before our interview - the more information you include in your answers, the more we will be able to dig into during our time together. N.B. you can edit this form up to 48 hours before our call.

3. Once you have completed your booking, you will receive a confirmation email with a Zoom link for our interview.

4. Show up for the interview call and I will ask you questions to discover the right content, tone and style of your About Page.

5. I will record our online session, so that I can refer back to it and your exact words when I am writing. You can choose to receive a copy of the recording as well, allowing you to watch it again later, or not. The choice is yours. 

6. I will then write a draft of your About Page web copy and send it to you within 14 days of our call for review. This is done using Google Docs.

7. You review the draft copy, adding comments/questions to the Google Doc, within 7 days of receiving the draft. At this point you are checking that the content and tone of voice fit with how you want to present your business to the world and that everything is factually correct.

8. I make any adjustments or edits necessary, along with a final proofread, within 7 days. You will then receive the new draft, also via Google Docs, for review. If necessary, one further and final round of edits (as described in 7) can also be made.

9. That’s it! You can then upload the copy to your website or pass it on to your web designer. And you will have 7 days to save your own copy of your new About Page Copy from the shared Google Doc before it, and the recording of our call, are deleted from our system permanently.

Book Your About Page Writing Service Session for £450

Still have questions? 

If you can't find the answer you're looking for in these FAQs then get in touch; [email protected]