Consultancy Services

Need some clarity, strategy, and expert input to get to work on your workshop, course or book?

Book a One-to-One expert session with me. Designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to create online courses and/or write books as a strategic part of their growing businesses.

Book a 45-Minute Consultation for £100
Book a 90-Minute Consultation for £190
Book a 120-Minute Consultation for £250

This is all about simple access to expert advice and guidance.


Do you need somebody to tell you how something works, to show you how to structure and deliver your knowledge effectively as an online course or a book, or to guide you and your business in the right strategic direction?

Then this is for you.

I offer these simple consultation sessions, at a much lower price point than my longer-term support and mentorship services, because we all need a little help and some outside input sometimes. And personally, I don't think that accessing that help should be complicated. 

Keeping it simple; you get a 45-, 90- or 120-minute Zoom call with me and we talk through whatever challenge you are currently stuck on.

You will leave with a firm idea of your next steps. 

These sessions are for you if... feel like you really should be moving online (alright 2020, we heard you!) but it's all a bit much really isn’t it?! want (or need) to DIY your online course; you have ideas but don’t know where to start with the course design or perhaps the tech side of things.

…you can see how a book, showcasing your expertise, would benefit your business but feel like actually writing a book is way out of your comfort zone.

...your plans to write a book or create a course have been floating in the ether, or maybe just sitting on your To Do list, for a long time; a dose of inspiration and motivation from someone with course creating experience will help you to finally get started. aren’t even sure if what you do will translate well into an online course or a book and want some insight and clarity to find out what your online offerings or chapters could look like.


Getting started with creating your online course or writing your book could be as a simple as booking a consultation call.

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Melody Bay

Founder of Fresh Pages Co

"If you’ve been wanting to get that course or book out into the world, Claire is the person to go to. She helped to clarify my ideas for my copywriting course, gave me solid advice on how to package them as modules and price them, and explained the technical side of things. More importantly, she gave me confidence to get started! Within just an hour of consultation, we worked out a concrete action plan that I can now use for building my course. Plus, her sense of humour makes her such a fun person to work with."

What Topics Can a Consultation Session Cover?

These topics give you an idea of my areas of digital education, business, course creation and book writing expertise.

Strategic planning - how to grow your business with an online course and/or book

Strategic planning – your long-term customer journey

Lead magnets – research, planning, creation, and delivery

Online courses – choosing your tech

Online courses – shaping and testing your ideas

Online courses - curriculum design

Online course review - if you already have an online course but aren’t happy with course completion rates or customer outcomes, lets take a look at why it isn’t working and how you can improve it.

Book writing – preparing yourself for success/developing good writing habits

Book writing – choosing your content and the promise you make to your reader

Book writing – writing your outline

Book writing – getting unstuck when you hit writers block

Book writing – tech to help you write

Or you can choose come to the session with a list of questions, and we will go through as many as we can in the time you have booked. Pick this option if you know what support you want, but it doesn’t fit into any of the topics listed above.

In our session we may work through several different topics as we look for the right solution for your circumstance.

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How It Works

1. Book and pay for your session, choose your own time slot from the availability on the scheduling page.

2. Complete the form when asked to during your booking. I will read this before our session - the more information you include in your answers, the more we will be able to dig into during our time together. N.B. you can edit this form up to 48 hours before our call.

3. Once you have completed your booking, you will receive a confirmation email with a Zoom link for our call.

4. Show up for the call and we will talk through the topic of your choosing - where you are with it now, where you want to go with it and the next steps that you can take to get there.

5. You can choose to record our online session, allowing you to watch it again later, or not. The choice is yours. 

6. Nope, no more - it's that simple.

Book a 45 Minute Consultation for £100
Book a 90 Minute Consultation for £190
Book a 120 Minute Consultation for £250

Still have questions? 

If you can't find the answer you're looking for in these FAQs then get in touch; [email protected]