Claire Collis is a digital education specialist, teacher and writer from Devon in England.

She supports entrepreneurs and small business owners in turning their expertise and stories into books and digital education products.

On this page you can find Claire's bio, boilerplate/business bio, areas of expertise and details of her recent features. 

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Claire's Bio

Claire Collis is a digital education specialist, teacher and writer who works with entrepreneurs and small business owners, supporting them to create books and online courses as strategic pillars of their growing businesses. Through her mentoring and consultancy work she helps clients across the world to share their stories, knowledge and expertise in ways that support their goals, their businesses and, in turn, those of their clients.

With dreams of having her own freedom-led business Claire left her 9-5 job in 2018, travelled, studied remotely for her MSc Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh and slowly worked out the what, the how and the why of the business she has today. Becoming a smaller business owner gave Claire the courage to also follow her childhood dream to write, she now works on her own books, as well as ghostwriting books for clients.

Claire draws on her extensive and varied experience, education and training to help her clients to see the online course and book possibilities and opportunities available to them, both now and in the future. Her signature approach comes down to using technology and storytelling to support learning, the sharing of knowledge, the delivery of services and ultimately to help small business serve more people as they move online, develop, and grow.


About The Business and Its Services

Claire Collis (a trading name of The ELT Skills Academy Ltd.) is a small business that caters to other small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking for support and guidance in developing online courses and writing books.

Originally founded by digital education specialist, teacher and writer Claire Collis specifically to support English language teaching (ELT) businesses, such as language schools, in developing their online courses and digital education products. When 2020 rolled around, and digital education became increasingly relevant to many businesses the company moved beyond that niche and has since worked with a wide range of entrepreneurs and small businesses, supporting them to write books and develop webinars, online programs, memberships and courses, alongside their other business offerings.

Claire Collis offers both consultancy and mentorship services which can focus on developing a range of digital education products or book writing for small businesses or a combination of both.


Key Topics/Talking Points for Speaking Engagements, Interviews, Podcasts, etc.

Online Course Creation/Digital Education - curriculum development, design for learning, ethics and online business, wider business strategy.

Storytelling as a part of business.

Small businesses, course creation and book writing.

Creating a freedom-led, online business.

Being a female business owner.

Making mistakes in business.

If you would like Claire to speak at your event or on your podcast on one of these topics, or on a related matter, please get in touch at [email protected]

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Features, Events and Workshops

The Richuals to Seven Podcast with Ruby Lee

Episode 173: Writing a Book Doesn't Have to be Hard 

"In this episode, I’m taking you on my book writing journey and have the pleasure of introducing you to Claire Collis, my very own ghostwriter and an incredible soul. She joins me today to talk all about the process of writing and how she has helped me to overcome the mental barriers. I’m so glad I’ve invested into this journey with her...." - Ruby Lee

AWE (Accelerating Women in Enterprise) Taster Session for International Women's Day 2021

Online Workshop: Using Your Story as a Part of Your Business

From social media bios and about pages to marketing and sales conversations, your story is a cornerstone of your business. Get it right and it can do plenty of the heavy lifting for you, such as attracting the kind of customers you really want to work with, giving you clear paths to PR opportunities and making conversations about sales a bit less daunting.

Coherent - Spotlight: An Interview with Stacey, The Tribe Cowork

Blog post feature including information about Claire's collaboration with Stacey

In this featured interview Stacey discusses why she set up The Tribe Coworking in Totnes, how the events of 2020 challenged her and her business and why she launched The Tribe Online in collaboration with Claire. Read the article to find out about Stacey's perspective of Claire's knowledge and skills in digital education and what working with her on this collaboration has been like.



Stacey Sheppard

Founder of The Tribe Coworking | Freelance Design Writer & Blogger

"Before the global pandemic hit, I had a full schedule of in-person workshops planned for 2020. With social distancing restrictions in place this no longer is a viable model. I knew I needed to move things to a digital platform, but the thought of having to get to grips with the technology side of it was a real obstacle for me. Luckily, this is Claire's zone of genius. She talked me through the whole process in a way that was easy to understand and made it far less daunting. She had lots of suggestions regarding the format and structure of the course I want to run and after Claire's guidance, I feel so much more empowered to share my knowledge with my audience on a digital platform instead. I couldn't recommend Claire highly enough."


Melody Bay

Founder of Fresh Pages Co.

"If you’ve been wanting to get that course or book out into the world, Claire is the person to go to. She helped to clarify my ideas for my copywriting course, gave me solid advice on how to package them as modules and price them, and explained the technical side of things. More importantly, she gave me confidence to get started! Within just an hour of consultation, we worked out a concrete action plan that I can now use for building my course. Plus her sense of humour makes her such a fun person to work with."


You can read more testimonials from clients here.



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Claire Collis is a trading name of The ELT Skills Academy (UK registered company number: 11637452)

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