Online Course Review

Already have an online course but aren’t happy with how it is performing?

A Course Review can help you to improve your customers’ experience, to increase your course completion rates and to make your knowledge, experience and expertise really shine through.

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An in-depth assessment of your current course from both a learning and a business perspective.


Sometimes DIYing your course, without input from an expert in digital education, can only take you and your customers so far.

The most common way this limit shows up in people’s businesses is through low course completion rates – many of your customers just don’t finish working through your courses.

If your customers are not finishing your course it means that they are not going to experience the full transformation you were aiming to help them achieve.

Which means fewer raving customer reviews, fewer repeat customers, very real negative effects on your business bottom line,  and let’s face it, it this just isn’t what you had in mind when you pictured your online course, is it?

In fact, it is pretty disheartening to see your hard-won customers just not following through to finish, isn’t it? Especially after you’ve put in so much work to get your course to this point.

That’s why I offer this service, a review that helps you to build on what you’ve already done and take your work, and customer results, to the next level.

You get the benefit of my experience, training and knowledge in education in the form of a highly individualised, guided service.


This service is for you if…

…you already have an online course, but you built it without thinking too much about curriculum design, learning outcomes and without considering the ways in which people learn best.

…you already have an online course of some description but know that there is plenty of room for improvement, you just don’t know what changes would be worth making.

…you have no, or very little, trouble selling your course but have low course completion rates from your participants.

…you have seen the statistics for the value of repeat custom but worry that customers who buy from you and don’t finish your course won’t shop with you again – they can’t have realised the transformation that you teach if they didn’t get through all of your lessons, right?


Improving your online course as a strategic part of your business is something worth investing in.

Veronique Mertes

Solution Focused Hypnotherapist at Veronique Mertes Hypnotherapy

"I highly recommend Claire's services. Her expertise, creativity, enthusiasm, ability to think outside the box and sense of humor are all things I loved about us working together. I never even considered writing an ebook (or even a book) but since meeting Claire I feel like anything is possible. Claire just has this way of opening up a whole new level of possibilities."

How It Works

This service is available by application only (click the link below to book a free discovery call and complete the application form).

This is because I want to ensure that we will be a good fit to work together on what can be an intense project and to check that I have the right skills and perspective to help you with your project.

Not all courses are the same, not all businesses are the same and not everyone is looking to achieve the same results. If we aren’t on the same page, working together just won’t be fun or all that useful to you, will it?

So, how does it work?

(Yep, queen of going off on a tangent here, nice to meet you!)

1. You book a free discovery call (and fill in the attached application form) by clicking on the button below. You will receive an automated confirmation email with a zoom link for our call.

2. We have our call - a short chat to see if we are a good fit to work together and to discuss what you want to achieve and the next steps I recommend that you take.

3. If we are both still happy to work together at that point, I will then send you a proposal for the work based on what we have discussed. It will include timeframes, details of any resources you will need to supply (i.e. access to your current course) and the investment required to achieve your goals.

4. If you then want to proceed signing the contract and payment are the next steps.

5. Then we jump in to the doing part, which is based on the individual plan created for you, your course and your business but usually involves me thoroughly assessing your course from the perspective of a student and then providing you with a feedback report about any areas for improvement along with advice and/or mentorship on how to make those improvements.

6. You can also opt to also then have a period of follow-up support from me to ask any questions as you work through and process the feedback. This should be discussed and agreed to in steps 2 and 3.

This is not a done for you service.

This is a highly individualised, guided service.

It will be up to you to make any changes that you want to make based upon my feedback.

This service is priced on an individual basis, but as a rough guide starts at £2500 for a < 10-hour course where the main aim is to increase course completion rates.

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