In my opinion work should be enjoyable and fun; especially the kind of work that can be challenging and personal at times, that can have long timeframes and will have a lasting effect on your business. This is why making sure that I am the right person to support and guide you is important.

You can check out my About Page, or connect with me on Instagram to get to know me a bit better, but if you want to hear what other people have to say about working with me you're in the right place.

 The testimonials below are from customers I have worked with across a range of different services. Thank you all of your kind words. 

Cheers to the best clients ever!


Visa Shanmugam

Life & Mindset Coach - Becoming You LLC

"[Before working with Claire] I was having a hard time taking my knowledge and experience to build a course that would deliver results for my clients. Anytime I was ready to create a new program, I procrastinated because I didn’t know how to take what I know and put it into a system and a process.

It was a relief to come to the calls knowing that Claire would help get my genius out of my head and onto a piece of paper. I felt supported because she always knew the right questions to ask if I ever felt stuck. Now when I deliver my modules, I feel confident because all the materials and content have already been prepped. She helped me prepare and organize my knowledge and intellectual property.

The best part was I felt less overwhelmed and confused. Especially with creating the extra resources that my clients would need. [Claire's] patience and her ability to organize what felt complicated and overwhelming to me into simpler components, stand out to me. She has an ability to make things simpler and more manageable. She also outlined a webinar and a quiz to help grow my list, from my course materials which felt genius."

Nicolette Lafonseca

Slow Intentional Living Expert | Author | Founder of Archie and the Rug | Founder of Le Weekend

"Working with Claire gave me clarity and helped me to make a much more focussed plan to move forward with. Unlike so many others out there who sell you a service and spout rhetoric Claire gave such a huge amount of very practical real guidance and advice. She is definitely my new go to consultant"

Melody Bay

Founder of Fresh Pages Co

"If you’ve been wanting to get that course or book out into the world, Claire is the person to go to. She helped to clarify my ideas for my copywriting course, gave me solid advice on how to package them as modules and price them, and explained the technical side of things. More importantly, she gave me confidence to get started! Within just an hour of consultation, we worked out a concrete action plan that I can now use for building my course. Plus her sense of humour makes her such a fun person to work with."

Veronique Mertes

Solution Focused Hypnotherapist at Veronique Mertes Hypnotherapy

"I highly recommend Claire's services. Her expertise, creativity, enthusiasm, ability to think outside the box and sense of humor are all things I loved about us working together. I never even considered writing an ebook (or even a book) but since meeting Claire I feel like anything is possible. Claire just has this way of opening up a whole new level of possibilities."

Stacey Sheppard

Founder of The Tribe Coworking Space  | Freelance Design Writer & Blogger 

"Before the global pandemic hit, I had a full schedule of in-person workshops planned for 2020. With social distancing restrictions in place this no longer is a viable model. I knew I needed to move things to a digital platform, but the thought of having to get to grips with the technology side of it was a real obstacle for me. Luckily, this is Claire's zone of genius. She talked me through the whole process in a way that was easy to understand and made it far less daunting. She had lots of suggestions regarding the format and structure of the course I want to run and after Claire's guidance, I feel so much more empowered to share my knowledge with my audience on a digital platform instead. I couldn't recommend Claire highly enough."

Tracy Langley

Intuitive Energy Healer

"Claire is just wonderful. Working with her gave me a clear vision and understanding of how I wanted to layout my business. I would absolutely recommend her to a friend."

Alexis Fraser

Esthetician and Founder of The House of Skincare Ltd.

"I love how Claire absorbed every detail of my personality and what I discussed with her via our virtual meeting. She was professional, efficient and the end result [About Page Copywriting] was even better than expected and I would highly recommend!"


Coaching Client

"Claire helped me define my wishes into clear, measurable goals. She listened to me and challenged me to really start thinking for myself. Claire was thoughtful, empathetic, and helpful; however, I think that it is most important to highlight how Claire's guidance helped me to really help myself.

Claire helped me to become confident in myself and my abilities. She taught me to trust myself and to ask myself challenging questions in order to really achieve my desired results. Not only did I come away from my time with Claire having reached my goals, I came away with the confidence and tools to work towards future goals on my own. Instead of just bringing me fish, Claire helped me learn to fish on my own, and that is invaluable!

I think that Claire can help many people reach their full potential, and I am excited for you to make the progress that I have. I am sure that you will find working with Claire Collis a wonderful, meaningful, and fulfilling experience."

Madeleine Barrera

Business Mentoring Client

"In only 1 session Claire shone a light on where I should be directing my energy as an independent Tech English Coach. I had several light bulb moments during our consultation and came out of it with a realistic action plan and a feeling of hope. I have spent countless hours going down free resource rabbit holes and feel like Claire was able to clear away the debris and show me what my next steps should be. I would wholeheartedly recommend Claire, if you need a personalised road map for succeeding as an independent language teacher. I look forward to continuing to work with Claire."

Carolyn Friant

Business Mentoring Client

"I had a mentoring session with Claire, it was really a big help. She helped me to see the changes that I needed to make to continue forward. She was quick to understand my situation and to pick up on the areas that I needed to make changes in and how to consolidate the areas that were working. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to anyone looking to invest in their future."

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