Feeling overwhelmed by all of the possibilities, processes and steps involved in creating an online course or writing a book?


Let me give you the steps and structure you need to help you get your knowledge out into the world.

Ways To Work With Me

If you are looking for support to write a book or create an online course as a strategic part of your business then my consultancy services (for short term, quick hits of expert advice) or my mentorship programs (for longer-term ongoing support, advice and accountability) are for you.

If you want an About Page that allows your ideal customers to get to know you, what you do and how you can help them then my About Page Copywriting Service is for you.

If you have an existing online course but aren’t happy with how it is performing for you or your customers, then my Online Course Review Service is the service for you.

Looking for a community of likeminded business women?

Stacey Sheppard

Founder of The Tribe Coworking | Freelance Design Writer & Blogger 

"Before the global pandemic hit, I had a full schedule of in-person workshops planned for 2020. With social distancing restrictions in place this no longer is a viable model. I knew I needed to move things to a digital platform, but the thought of having to get to grips with the technology side of it was a real obstacle for me. Luckily, this is Claire's zone of genius. She talked me through the whole process in a way that was easy to understand and made it far less daunting. She had lots of suggestions regarding the format and structure of the course I want to run and after Claire's guidance, I feel so much more empowered to share my knowledge with my audience on a digital platform instead. I couldn't recommend Claire highly enough."

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Any of this sound familiar? 


You know there is a need and a market for you and your work, but constant one-to-one client work is draining you. You want to free up some of your time and energy whilst still serving more people. An online course seems like a great solution, it’s just that the steps between here and the final product aren’t particularly clear.

You can picture your book out there in world, your story and message reaching and helping so many more people, all whilst funneling them into the rest of your business. But the publishing world is completely new to you and writing seemed straightforward until you are sat there, staring at a blank screen.

You feel like all of these roadblocks are just too much sometimes. You know that your business will benefit from finishing this mammoth project but you are stagnant more often than not right now. Some clarity and guidance will get you rolling again.


You aren’t alone.

I very much doubt that there is an entrepreneur or business leader out there who hasn’t felt like this at some point. The only difference between those who have functioning online courses & published books and you, is that they worked out how to get through the tough times.

The secret is to figure out the best way for you to get there.

That's where I come in...

I can guide you to find the best path for you to create that end result (book and/or digital course) you have been dreaming of.

Can you picture it now?

Your book/course out there, drawing in your dream clients with ease, supporting them to reach their goals and establishing you as an authority in your niche. This will be your future after we've worked together.

Create tangible, practical ways for a wider audience to get to know you, your message and what you have to teach.

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