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Feeling overwhelmed by all of the possibilities, processes and steps involved in creating a high-quality online course or writing a book as a part of your business?

Let me give you the steps and structure you need to help you get your knowledge out into the world.

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My clients often come to me looking for help and support with more than just one thing. 

Whilst I absolutely love being able to provide guidance, advice and the technical skill to meet a range of business needs, it does make writing a concise sales page for this website a little bit tricky!

So, here's the deal - scroll down this page and see if what I have to offer could be what you and your business are looking for. If your needs don't quite fit one of the offers on this page but you think you'd like to work with me, then book a free 15-minute call to have a chat about it. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions.


One-to-One Support Services
Done-With-You Services
Writing Services
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Tracey Langley

Intuitive Energy Healer

"Claire is just wonderful. Working with her gave me a clear vision and understanding of how I wanted to layout my business. I would absolutely recommend her to a friend."

One-to-One Support Services

Consultancy Service


Need a quick hit of clarity, strategy, and expert input to get to work on your online course or book? 

Then book a One-to-One expert session with me (Claire).

Designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to create workshops, online courses and/or write books as a strategic part of their growing businesses. 

45-minute, 90-minute and 120-minute sessions available. 

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Mentorship Services


Longer-term support, guidance and accountability

 Want to have me in your corner as you work on your course or book over a longer period? 

Then mentorship might be for you. 

Designed for entreprenuers and small business owners who want to build their own course, or write their own book, but who also want the ongoing support of an expert to turn to as they create. 

My mentorship services are bespoke and highly individualised.

This means that mentorship is priced on a individual basis, but as a rough guide starts at £1500 for 8 weeks of advice and support in the form of a 45-minute call each week and unlimited Monday- Friday 9-5 email support.

If you are interested, let's have a chat.

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Online Course Review Service - Improve Your Current Course


For those with existing online courses.

Sometimes DIYing your course, without input from an expert in digital education, can only take you and your customers so far.

A Course Review is an in-depth assessment of your current course from both a learning and a business perspective, with the aim of improving your customers’ experienceincreasing your course completion rates and making your knowledge, experience and expertise shine through.

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Melody Bay

Founder of Fresh Pages Co

"If you’ve been wanting to get that course or book out into the world, Claire is the person to go to. She helped to clarify my ideas for my copywriting course, gave me solid advice on how to package them as modules and price them, and explained the technical side of things. More importantly, she gave me confidence to get started! Within just an hour of consultation, we worked out a concrete action plan that I can now use for building my course. Plus her sense of humour makes her such a fun person to work with."

Done-With-You Services

Course Transcript Writing, Curriculum Design, Book Writing


We work together to pull information from your brain and then I do the creation legwork for you 

 Want your course or book to be in your words, but don't have the time to create it by yourself? 

Then my done-with-you service might be for you. 

Designed for entreprenuers and small business owners who want their own course, or book, but who realistically can't find the time to write and create it all alongside the rest of their business and life commitments.

My done-with-you services are bespoke and highly individualised. If you are interested, let's have a chat.

Book a free call to see if we are a good fit to work together...

Visa Shanmugam

Life & Mindset Coach - Becoming You LLC

"[Before working with Claire] I was having a hard time taking my knowledge and experience to build a course that would deliver results for my clients. Anytime I was ready to create a new program, I procrastinated because I didn’t know how to take what I know and put it into a system and a process.

It was a relief to come to the calls knowing that Claire would help get my genius out of my head and onto a piece of paper. I felt supported because she always knew the right questions to ask if I ever felt stuck. Now when I deliver my modules, I feel confident because all the materials and content have already been prepped. She helped me prepare and organize my knowledge and intellectual property.

The best part was I felt less overwhelmed and confused. Especially with creating the extra resources that my clients would need. [Claire's] patience and her ability to organize what felt complicated and overwhelming to me into simpler components, stand out to me. She has an ability to make things simpler and more manageable. She also outlined a webinar and a quiz to help grow my list, from my course materials which felt genius."

Writing Services

About Page Copywriting


This is a done-with-you service; I will interview you to get the information required to write the copy.

It is difficult to write about yourself well, but your About Page is one of the best places for your future customers to start to get to know you. Don't waste this valuable online space with copywriting that isn't making you and your business standout to the customers you want to attract. 

Let me write it for you.

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Ghostwriting Service


This is a done-with-you service. First we will plan the book together. Then I will interview you and draw on your resources, courses, podcasts and social media to get the information that I need to write content of your book. 

Want to outsource the writing of your book? I offer strictly limited book ghostwriting services.

Having your book ghostwritten is often a long, intense and personal project, so it is important to choose the writer who is right for you. 

Let me turn your words and ideas into your book.

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Alexis Fraser

Esthetician and Founder of The House of Skincare Ltd.

"I love how Claire absorbed every detail of my personality and what I discussed with her via our virtual meeting. She was professional, efficient and the end result [About Page Copywriting] was even better than expected and I would highly recommend!"

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'Perfect Fit' Bespoke Support Packages

Looking for something else?


Can't find the level of support you are looking for to write your book or create your course (or both!) in my set services and packages? 

I can put together a proposal specifically for you and your needs, with your budget in mind. 

Simply book in for a free discovery call with me to find out more and see if I am the right person to help you.

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