Looking for support to create a high quality workshop, online course or book as a strategic part of your growing business? 

Then you're in the right place. 

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Hi, I'm Claire...

 ...and I like naps, cocktails and long walks on the beach... no, wait! That's not where I was going with this. Let's try that again.

I’m a digital education specialist, writer and teacher from Devon in England, and I work with value-led entrepreneurs and small business owners as they turn their expertise and stories into high quality books and digital education products.  

I support people with the strategy, mindset, technical knowledge, accountability, and practical skills that they need to create their knowledge-based products including books, ebooks, online and offline courses, webinars, workshops, workbooks, and membership communities.

Put simply, I help people to get their knowledge out of their heads into high quality, saleable formats that work for them, their businesses and their customers.

Oh, and I actually do like naps, cocktails and long walks on the beach (when it is warm!), in case you're interested.


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Nicolette Lafonseca

Slow Intentional Living Expert | Author | Founder of Archie and the Rug | Founder of Le Weekend

"Working with Claire gave me clarity and helped me to make a much more focussed plan to move forward with. Unlike so many others out there who sell you a service and spout rhetoric Claire gave such a huge amount of very practical real guidance and advice. She is definitely my new go to consultant"

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My work is all about helping you to create tangible, practical ways for a wider audience to get to know you, your message and what you have to teach.

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Any of this sound familiar?


You know there is a need and a market for you and your work, but constant one-to-one client work is draining you. You want to free up some of your time and energy whilst still serving more people. An online course seems like a great solution, it’s just that the steps between here and the final product aren’t particularly clear. And on top of that you really really don't want to put something out there that just isn't very good - making that first step seem even more daunting.

You can picture your book out in world, your story and message reaching and helping so many more people, all whilst funneling them into the rest of your business. But the publishing world is an unknown to you and writing seems straightforward until you are sat there, staring at a blank screen.

You feel like all of these roadblocks are just too much sometimes. You know that your business will benefit from finishing this mammoth project but you are stagnant more often than not right now. Some clarity and guidance will get you rolling again. 


You aren’t alone.

I very much doubt that there is an entrepreneur or business leader out there who hasn’t felt like this at some point (despite how it might seem on social media sometimes). The only difference between those who have functioning online courses & published books and you, is that they worked out how to get through the tough times.

The secret is figuring out the best way for you to get there, from where you are now.

That's where I come in...

I can guide you to find the best path for you to take as you create the book, or course that you, your business, and your customers need. 


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Madeleine Barrera

Business Mentoring Client

"I had several light bulb moments during our consultation and came out of it with a realistic action plan and a feeling of hope. I have spent countless hours going down free resource rabbit holes and feel like Claire was able to clear away the debris and show me what my next steps should be... 

...I would wholeheartedly recommend Claire."

Veronique Mertes

Solution Focused Hypnotherapist at Veronique Mertes Hypnotherapy

"I highly recommend Claire's services. Her expertise, creativity, enthusiasm, ability to think outside the box and sense of humor are all things I loved about us working together. I never even considered writing an ebook (or even a book) but since meeting Claire I feel like anything is possible. Claire just has this way of opening up a whole new level of possibilities."

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